Master Clases and Courses - 2017/18 Season

The sailing academy is open to individuals and groups and run open courses from September until May each year. 
Our master classes are imparted by renowned professional champion sailors, who put their longstanding expertise at your disposal during an intensive 2-3 day hands on training course.
Each course is structured as a  highly personalised experience, with a reduce number of participants, so please register early to secure your place.

 Category Levels: 1-Cruising, 2-Racing/Performance-cruising, 3-Racing, 4-Advanced Racing



Crew Optimization



2 DAYS - Optimizing the Crew - For Skippers / Owners Only

 Date: 3-4 March
 MSRA Level 2/3
 Price: 600€ per person

For cruisers going into racing or racers who want to excel through their crew. Crew and communication. Getting the best from the crew. Understanding all roles and manoeuvres and sequences. Communicating before, during and after racing, feedback techniques to convert experiences into performance. Selecting crew. Predictable mistakes and how to avoid them. Hand signalling and timing procedures for starts, tacking, gibing and sail changes. How to make a rapid recovery from mistakes. Giving crew race context and preparing for plan B manoeuvres. Getting quality race feedback from crew. Keeping the boat silent. Leveraging the Crew Boss position on big boats. Building and protecting a winning team identity and culture.



SAIL PERFORMANCE Master Class- MSRA Level 2 /3 (1-Cruising, 2-Racing/Performance cruising, 3-Racing, 4-Advanced Racing)

If the sails are your motor then why not make sure you are getting the most out of your sails under different wind conditions and wind angles. This course is based roughly 65% on the water and 35% indoors with input from sailing champions and sail makers to make you really confident in optimal sailing performance in all kinds of conditions. (Sessions may be changed around subject to wind conditions each day)

Day 1:
10:00 Course overview and introductions. The theory of wind angles and sail designs, shapes and variations.
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Sailing – sail trim, ballasting and weight tuning.
18:00 Feedback and reflections / discussion
19:00 Drinks

Day 2:
09:00 Planning for changing wind conditions. Sail changes and sail trim for different sails and different wind and wave conditions. General rules and guidelines. Sail repair and maintenance. Why each boat and each sail have different sail trim configuration and how to optimise your performance and speed vs wind angle. Understanding VMG; what is velocity made good and how to use it.
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Sailing – sail change, trim and tuning. Calling wind changes and reading wind shifts in advance.
18:00 Feedback/video and pictures to demonstrate the day and key learning points. Discussion.
19:00 Drinks

Day 3:
09:30 On the boat session around managing sails and maintaining mast and rigging.
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Discussion, feedback, awards/certificates and closing


Call us to request alternative dates for groups over 4 or Tactician classes.


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