MSRA - Corporate Performance 

Our Teambuilding and Corporate Incentive Programs are designed on a tailored basis for your specific group or team, focusing on the aspects that you wish to potentialize and reinforce, experience or simply enjoy - The outcome will be very gratifying and motivating and constructive!






Corporate Performance Academy

The racing academy aims to balance its audience and delegates between yacht racers and corporate performance enhancement. The idea is to leverage principles of yacht racing and yacht racing approaches as a basis for team success in the corporate world.  The setting and equipment lends itself to both indoor and outdoor activities that help illustrate and embed learning. We make sure we help translate the experiences into new ways of operating and behaving when back in the corporate environment for lasting performance. 

Our speakers and facilitators range from world champions to inspirational speakers, corporate coaches and business advisors, all with formidable experiences.
In order to emulate yacht racing success into your corporate context we allocate a lot of energy with you to help you translate this into behavioural change. Design, plan and practice in your own context using unrivalled facilities and facilitators both off and on the water.

Teambuilding? Race crew calibration? Prepare for the season or a particular race or corporate future challenge? A corporate launch? Or an inspirational lunch? Learn, play and improve the effectiveness of your team? Break old moulds and challenge habits to re-think what your new normal should be? Learning or celebrating? This is where you design and plan and practice your ideal outcome.